Things To Keep Handy When Looking To Rent A Tochigi Apartment

Renting your own apartment is always a fun experience but it can also be nerve-wracking and quite scary. It is a big decision and requires a lot of thinking and researching before you finalize a home. Here are some tips and things to have handy when you are looking to rent a Tochigi apartment in Japan.

Things to have handy beforehand to find the perfect home for renting

Given below are some things that you should always have when trying to rent an apartment, as they are necessary for the process to be completed and for the landlord to approve your contract.

  • Sufficient cash

It is evident that renting an apartment can be an expensive process. The minimum monthly rent along with the extra fees that may include the deposit money, management fee, common resource fee, etc. can add up to a lot of money which may go as high as 400,000 yen. Also, once you finalize the contract some of this money may be required to be deposited upfront and in cash so that the deal is finalized. Hence, it is a good idea to resource money and keeps sufficient cash when you go house hunting.

  • A copy of pay slips and bank statements

The landlord needs to have some guarantee that you will be able to pay the monthly rent on time so that they can establish trust and sign the lease. This is done with the help of monthly pay slips and yearly income.

If you earn almost 3 times the rent amount then you will definitely get the landlord’s trust. If it is less than that then it may be difficult for you to secure the contract. Usually, your bank statements are also demanded and if you are unemployed then they may ask you for your bank book.

Apartments for Rental

  • Character references

Any landlord that is renting an apartment to you needs to know that you have character and morals and will not end up hurting them or the other residents in the apartment building. Also, you need to be able to adjust to the needs of the other residents and live in peace with all the other people.

Hence, getting a character reference from a fellow local resident is a great idea as it will make the renting process a lot easier.

  • A guarantor

Even though you can prove that you will be able to pay the rent regularly with the help of your pay slips and bank statements, the landlord will still ask for a guarantor, who will pay the remaining rent decided by your contract in case you are unable to or decide to vanish. The guarantor can be your parents, your spouse or even your employer, although they will have to provide their bank statements and pay slip details as well so that they can prove that they will be able to afford the rent.

These are some important tips and things to keep handy when trying to find the Tochigi apartments for rent.  


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  • 十分な現金


  • 給与明細書と銀行取引明細書のコピー



  • 文字参照



  • 保証人


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