BCA’s Green Mark Certification


The Building and Construction Authority of Singapore developed the¬†Green Mark certification¬†scheme in January 2005 as a green building grading system to assess a building’s environmental effect and performance. It provides a comprehensive framework for analyzing the overall environmental performance of new and existing buildings to encourage sustainable design and building best practices. Non-residential Building (NRB) and Existing Non-residential Building (ENRB) certifications come in a variety of categories and stages (ENRB).

In the future, initiatives to improve sustainability practices will be prioritized. With climate change being such an urgent concern, it is incumbent on each of us to prioritize sustainability norms. Obtaining the Green Mark Certification can help to improve a company’s reputation as well as the resale value of its properties.

A building with a Green Mark Certification has successfully reduced energy consumption, improved indoor air quality for employees, and implemented steps to preserve and continue a lower environmental effect.

What is the BCA Green Mark Scheme?

The Green Mark Scheme was established by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in 2005 to steer Singapore’s construction industry toward more environmentally friendly standards. The Green Mark Scheme will focus on sustainable practices more comprehensively, with a focus on topics such as climatically sensitive architecture, energy-saving and efficiency, and better technology use. In Singapore, developers, building owners, and government agencies can seek the Green Mark certification for new and existing buildings, districts, parks, infrastructure, and building interiors.


Green Mark Certification is an important initiative in Singapore that is helping to make the country a greener place. Green Mark certification is awarded to businesses that have met high environmental standards. The article looked at the various benefits of certification, including increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. If you are looking to reduce your business’s environmental impact, consider applying for Green Mark certification.